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    Shawn’s passion is to influence Christians to take on their journey of intimacy with God wholeheartedly. He has used his prophetic ministry and his fresh Biblical perspective in his teaching/life coaching messages to help people come into a relational approach with God that is both organic and revelatory. Shawn has been in ministry since 1993, speaking at conferences, schools, and television programs, all with a heart for training and equipping people in their lives to further pursue God, and mentoring people in their spiritual development.

    Shawn was involved in different types of leadership with Metro Christian Fellowship with Mike Bickle for eight years and then made the transition to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for four years. While there he taught in the Bible School, ministered to thousands of leaders in the body of Christ from every Christian denomination, and mentored many people. He was also known as one of the prophetic voices in Kansas City where he was involved with Shiloh and prophetic leadership. He joined the leadership team of WhiteDove Ministries in January of 2003. In his participation with the WhiteDove, he developed a leadership training internship, and helped with the team to develop their training school, along with establishing the base of ministry in Foley, Alabama. He left the WhiteDove team in 2006 to pursue starting Expression58 Ministries. In October 2006, he founded Expression58, a missions base and church focused on training and equipping, the creative arts, the poor, and loving people in the entertainment industry. The base is now located in Los Angeles, California.

    Shawn has written three books: The Throne Room CompanyKeys to Heavens Economy: An Angelic Visitation from the Minister of Finance, and The Nonreligious Guide to Dating and Being Single. He has also written articles for Streams AWE MagazineThe Elijah ListMorning Star JournalVoice of Today Magazine, and WhiteDove Ministries monthly online newsletter from 2003–2006, and many other Christian publications. He has traveled across denominations, cities, countries, and age gaps on thousands of destinations. The ministry has taken him throughout Europe, South America, Canada, and the United States. He has also made television appearances on Daystar, TBN, The Miracle Channel, Extreme Prophetic, and others. He loves being a pastor and loving his church.

    Shawn has a burning heart to see the entertainment industry and the creative arts come into a revival and has been influencing believers who are in performing arts for many years. He is currently working on television and movie projects. He resides in Los Angeles, California.

    Shawn’s Executive Focus is the visionary of Expression58. He has been operating as the general manager of the Operations Team with his wife Cherie, as well as the pastoral trainer, and has help set the leadership team in place in the various departments. He is focused on the big picture and on hearing the voice of God in implementing His direction in the midst of empowering the community to grow into its God given goals. He speaks at E58 once a month, oversees service goals, helps to media pastor the community, pastors the Executive and Pastoral Care Team, and helps to father the Operations Team.

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