• December 18, 2014
    • Valley Of Decision

      It seems as though I was in a continuous dream this morning. Although it was several separate dreams, each one layered or built upon the previous one yet the theme remained the same concerning justice, choice and truth.....  Click Here For More
      Bob's Clock Stopped Here: We Must Discern The Times
      On the last night before Bob's passing I was alone with him in his hospital room and observed the clock on the wall as it sped forward. At exactly 11:55 p.m. the red second-hand began to .......  Click Here For More
      The 2015 Shepherd's Rod: by Bonnie Jones & Lyn Kost
      2015 is a year of transition for those remaining in the Body of Christ, as the first tier of Christian Leadership is being called home. The handwriting is on the wall as the clock moves forward to the harvest field of mankind. The seeds have been sown and now the plowman overtakes the reaper as we partner with Christ in the harvest of the ages. These revelations apply to the year that it is given and the years to follow as each revelation provides greater clarity and focus for the Lord’s heart for this generation.
      .... Click Here To Order

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