• Prodigals Are Coming Home

      Very clearly I heard the Lord say, “Linger not in the pigsty. The prodigals are coming home! There’s a great reunion in store says God! Get the fatted calf ready and prepare the finest meal. Sons and daughters are returning. It’s not a time to be judgmental. Its time to forgive, forget and restore the breach!..... Click Here For More

      A Divine Submission 2018

      As we pondered this month on what to post for the Word of the Month, we felt directed to this article from 2011. The season that we are approaching requires us to take an honest look over every area of our lives. We are in a Matthew 6:6 and Revelation 22:12 time...... Click Here For More

      Quips & Quotes
          Brokenness without understanding brings hopelessness while brokenness with understanding brings hopefulness.             –            Bob Jones

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