• Fireside Chat with Bob Jones

    by Paul Keith Davis

    The following prophetic experience was given to Bob on the day of Pentecost 2003. It provides a further affirmation of our need for the revelatory aspects of the Holy Spirit in order to proceed most appropriately in the days ahead. As it was with Noah, unprecedented events are before us and to be fully prepared we must obtain our strategy through the Spirit of counsel. Apart from the Lord's wisdom we simply will not be able to fully appropriate His provision for this day nor accomplish our prophetic mandate.

    The Vision

    Bob discovered himself in a great meeting with pastors, teachers, evangelists and numerous leaders of many churches. Each was bringing persuasive and fruitful messages of truth during the ministry sessions. At the conclusion of the meetings, the leaders in attendance each agreed to come together for a meal and time of fellowship. 

    As they entered the building for the meal, a resource center was prepared adjacent to the table at which they were going to eat. On the table were many of the books, tapes and other materials from the speakers that had been effective for the season of church history just complete. However, it was apparent, a new day stood before the church and a fresh release from Heaven was greatly needed. Bob indicated he was going to get "in line" for the meal. This was actually a play on words indicating a call of the Spirit to begin to rigorously line up with the Lord’s plans, purposes and will for this day. 

    At that place Bob further noticed on the floor a bundle of fiery red hair. This symbolism seemed to here represent divine virtue and a fiery anointing now accessible through the Holy Spirit. It is pointing to a baptism of fire and the unfolding of the Holy Spirit as a consuming fire to transform our thoughts and ways into consistency with His. Fiery words of God are coming forth through the prophetic anointing resting upon His people to proclaim the birthing of the new day and the resources of Heaven now available. A man dressed in a military uniform was standing adjacent to this place and assisted Bob in gathering the hair to be placed upon the heads of the prophets for this purpose.

    At the conclusion of their meal in this vision, Bob was asked to close the service with a prophetic proclamation. However, the Lord was leading him to conclude their gathering in a much different manner than they originally expected. The Holy Spirit then released a challenge stating, "there is no fault in the teachings, preaching and prophetic words presently being offered, however, there remains a measure of blindness upon the eyes of the people that must be extracted. If the blind are leading the blind then will they not all fall into the ditch?” 

    Many loyal servants of Christ have had great difficulty fulfilling their commission and mandate because there were no spiritual eyes present to detect and unfold plots and schemes of the adversary initiated against the Lord's anointed. Many others have stepped upon spiritual “land-mines” deposited by the accuser resulting in a crippling of the walk of many leaders and their call to ministry. 

    The land mines (land = earthly: mines = minds) are also representative of human wisdom employed as direction from Heaven. When present, this form of wisdom introduces jealousy and selfish ambition leading to every manner of evil thing culminating in spiritual division. The result promotes a form of ministry for many who attempt to do spiritual labor to fulfill a human agenda without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This road leads to sickness, burnout and premature death.

    All of these devices of the adversary can be alleviated with the revelatory anointing of the Holy Spirit resting upon God's people and our obedience to it. The promises that are presently before us are conditional upon our embracing of the full resources of Heaven and the supernatural realms essential in this mandate. The admonition of the Holy Spirit is for our intercession to go before the Throne of Heaven for the reversal of Isaiah 29:10—

    For the LORD has poured over you a spirit of deep sleep, He has shut your eyes, the prophets; and He has covered your heads, the seers. The entire vision will be to you like the words of a sealed book, which when they give it to the one who is literate, saying, "Please read this," he will say, "I cannot, for it is sealed." (Isaiah 29:10)

    When awakened we possess illumined eyes and no longer grope in darkness or partial illumination but with clarity and purpose. The spirit of poverty will be broken when we fully embrace the prophetic anointing providing spiritually anointed eyes and ears. The joining of the Head, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, to the body provides the full anointing of eyes, ears, smell and tasting of the goodness of Heaven. When the Head comes to the body and is uncovered, it will be the fullness of this anointing present with a restoration of the things spoken by the mouth of the prophets and the unveiling of Kingdom secrets hidden in Christ.

    We are not going to be able to cross the Jordan without the fullness of the revelatory anointing. Spiritual eyes & ears are essential in the fulfillment of the end-time mandate. A person was not allowed to minister before the Lord in His Priesthood if they carried unhealed wounds or blindness. (Leviticus 21:17-23) The prophets are representative of the "eyes" vitally necessary in the scheme of Heaven. 

    In his experience, Bob discovered that these revelations were taking place on the fifth floor of a building which likewise contained spiritual significance. The provisions of God are on the fifth floor (grace) and the complete functioning of the fivefold ministry. The Lord is indicating His desire to move in our generation with the conditions of Heaven. It must be according to His prescribed way.

    We must faithfully embrace every word proceeding from the mouth of God. Any other alternative is unacceptable for the accomplishment of the commission being placed upon this generation. Obedience truly is greater than sacrifice.

    One of the things shown as a warning is a flattering form of honoring extended one to another rather than honoring and reverencing the Holy Spirit. Those called to a place of leadership must carry the garment of humility in order to access the fullness of our provision. The only honoring extended towards man should be in the adherence to the word of the Lord resident in them and the revelatory anointing giving expression to the Voice of Heaven. We do not give undue honor to man but we must certainly honor the Holy Spirit and His revelatory plan.


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